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Concrete coring machine
Concrete coring machine
Concrete coring machine

The XY-300 concrete core coring machine is a hydraulic feed vertical shaft drilling rig. The power of this equipment is the L 28 diesel engine of Changzhou Diesel Engine Factory. This equipment is mainly used for diamond drilling and cemented carbide drilling of solid deposits, and can also be used for engineering geological exploration drilling and foundation pile drilling.

Features of concrete core machine:

  1. The mechanical transmission has a compact structure, centralized control and convenient use. The vertical shaft diameter of the gyrator is large, the bearing distance is wide, and the rigidity of the drilling rig is good. The large through hole diameter eight-square vertical shaft is equipped with six-party active drill pipe to ensure the transmission of large torque. It has the function of moving the machine, which is beneficial to the removal of drilling tools.

  2. The concrete core coring machine has a wide speed range and a scientific and reasonable speed setting, and a reverse gear is set up, which can achieve small-diameter diamond drilling, large-diameter cemented carbide drilling and various engineering holes. Get into.

  3. The hydraulic system can adjust the feeding pressure during the feeding process. There is an adjustable feeding speed, and there is a hole bottom pressure indicator, which is helpful for grasping the drilling pressure to adapt to different types. The need to drill into the formation.

  4. The hoist and slewing machine can be applied independently and can also be linked.

  5. The use of automobile clutch has good versatility and is conducive to maintenance.

  6. The power of the diesel core of the concrete core machine is electrically operated to ease the labor of the workers.


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