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Engineering rig
Engineering rig
Engineering rig

Engineering drilling rig is one of the production and processing equipment specially used for drilling. This is a classification and expansion of drilling rigs. Specifically, it is used for large-caliber infusion of high-rise residential buildings, seaports, docks, dams, power engineering, bridges and other projects Drilling rig for construction of piles.

The GK-200 engineering drilling rig is a kind of wide-range, hydraulic feed drilling rig, which has the characteristics of large power, large lifting force, large transmission torque, etc. The eight-sided vertical shaft is more stable when rotating at high speed, and the speed is from 66 r / min-820r / min, more suitable for geological exploration, geological core exploration, drilling of small grouting holes, blasting holes, small water well holes in high-speed railways, water conservancy projects, bridges, dam foundations, etc., which can be adopted according to different strata Drilling with diamond bits, alloy and steel particles.

Engineering rig features:

  1, with oil pressure feeding organization, high drilling efficiency.

  2, equipped with 59 mm hexagonal active drill pipe, with large turning torque and large hole diameter.

  3. It is equipped with a ball card clamping structure, which can complete the pole reversal without stopping, and the work efficiency is high.

  4 The compact structure of the rig, the small size of the equipment, the light weight, the strong decomposition, and the conducive to transportation.