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Drilling machinery
Drilling machinery
Drilling machinery

Well drilling machinery is mainly used in the construction of water well mechanical equipment, geothermal well construction, hydropower station construction, high-speed railway, highway, urban foundation and other geological engineering large-diameter vertical holes or unloading holes; Through professional training, through necessary inspection and corresponding work experience, it is necessary to grasp the operation requirements and comprehensive maintenance knowledge of mechanical equipment, and have rich troubleshooting experience before they can be applied.


  1. Be sure to check the safety of shipping and drilling machinery. All components must be complete without missing cables, drill pipes, drill bits, etc .;

  2. The mechanical equipment should be stably loaded. When turning or bending the road, use fixed wire to fix it;

  3. When entering the construction site, the mechanical equipment should be placed, the total area of ​​the borehole should exceed the water well mechanical equipment, and there should be sufficient safety space around

  4. When drilling, you must strictly follow the drilling position and direction, angle, hole depth and other construction, the drill bit can not be changed without permission;

  5. Inspect the mechanical equipment when installing the drill pipe to ensure that the drill pipe is not blocked, not bent, and the steel wire is not damaged. It is strictly prohibited to disqualify the drill pipe.

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