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What are the precautions for engineering rig operation?

If you often use engineering rigs, then you must read this article carefully, this article will give you a detailed introduction to the precautions in operation, then let's take a detailed look at it.

1. Preparations before starting: ① Check carefully whether the parts of the engineering rig are complete. ② Are there any loose screws? ③ Is the lubricating oil required? ④ Is the control button flexible and reliable? ⑤ Are the drill pipe and drill bit damaged? ⑥Are there any breaks in the support hole frame? ⑦ Is the spray equipment installed in place?

Second, the normal start: ① The engineering rig idling for 1 to 2 minutes, carefully listening for abnormal sounds and noises. ② Punch slowly at a low speed. ③ The low-speed gear is not abnormal and there is no gangue in the coal seam. The drilling rate can be adjusted appropriately. If the coal bed always contains gangue and the hardness of the gangue is relatively large, only low-speed gear can be used for drilling.


3. Shutdown: ① After a hole is drilled normally, the drill pipe, drill bit and drilling frame should be disassembled in time. ②The drill rods, drill bits and support holes should be placed neatly to keep them clean and hygienic without affecting pedestrian safety. ③After stopping, the floating coal of the drill body should be cleaned in time, and the oil dirt of the engineering drill body should be cleaned and placed neatly. ④ The explosion-proof switches, cables and control buttons of the drilling rig are arranged and placed in a place that does not hinder pedestrian safety and are neatly placed.

Drilling machine manufacturers hope that everyone must pay attention to the things introduced in this article when applying engineering drilling rigs, which can improve the performance of the machine, make it fully play its role, and can also increase the service life of equipment and protect our interest.