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What are the considerations for the operation of geological core drilling rigs?

The geological core drilling rig has played a very important role in the rig. The drill bit is a vital part of the rig. It directly affects the work efficiency of the geological core rig and its quality after drilling. When drilling a rig, pay attention to how to use it properly. Next, I will introduce you to the aspects of the equipment in the operation of the precautions.

  1 After the drill bit of the equipment is drilled into the structure, we must replace the center drilling tool in a timely manner, first of all, we must clean the bottom of the hole, and then we will blow off the residue at the bottom of the hole. Then slowly raise the drilling tool in the geological core drilling rig. It is most suitable when the lifting force is just enough to lift the drilling tool.

  2 In the process of drilling, we must also carefully monitor the follow-up status of the casing, to understand the specific conditions in the hole in time, and to maintain the cleanliness of the hole in time when necessary In addition, the drill bit is strictly forbidden to be pulled up in the drilling rig.

  3, sometimes the bottom of the hole of the geological core drilling rig will leave more residual rock slag, and the rotary part of the eccentric shaft bit will be caught by the rock slag, which will affect the production of the equipment. Transport compressed air, clean the hole again, and make the DTH hammer work in a short period of time, and then lift the center drilling tool again.

The above are the matters that should be paid attention to during the operation of the geological core drilling rig. We must pay attention to the above points when using it, so that the equipment can be better used, the service life of the equipment is extended, and a greater benefit.