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How to choose new drilling machinery correctly?

Do you understand how to properly select new drilling machinery? Next, I will introduce a few types of methods in detail for everyone, select the appropriate equipment, and reduce the waste of resources.

First of all, we must choose which type of new type of drilling machine to choose according to the actual geological environment and rock formation spreading conditions on our site. In view of the complex geological environment conditions such as ordinary rock accumulations, strong weathering smashing, relatively fissure development, and ancient landslides, we must select the follow-up engineering construction technology and equip with follow-up drilling tools during the drilling construction operation.

Secondly, carefully study and analyze the geological environment of the new drilling machine construction, combined with field tests, to formulate reasonable and effective construction drilling technical parameters, concentric drilling tools are easy to operate, and it is not easy to jam and drill suitable for vertical holes The eccentric drilling tool is selected for the horizontal hole or the hole with the necessary angle and the sand egg geological structure.

The eccentric block of the eccentric drilling tool is firm and durable, but it has the necessary requirements for the proficiency of the operator of the new drilling machinery (if the machine is unreasonable, it is easy to get stuck). The eccentric heel-drill is widely used in anchoring projects because of its advantages of large diameter, simple structure and low cost. Generally, the corresponding tube drilling tools are selected according to the requirements of the anchor cable structure design. If the geological environment is relatively good, use a straight hammer to punch the bare hole to reduce the time and cost of forming the hole.

When drilling and grouting, we must pay attention to selecting suitable new drilling machinery, so that it can be better applied, and at the same time, resources will not be wasted. Our company provides high-quality products for everyone, welcome everyone to come Shop.