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The correct maintenance method of crawler rig

1 When the work is stopped in a short period of time, a small amount of gas should be given to prevent fine sand from invading the inside of the drilling machine impactor. If the drilling machine is terminated for a long time, the impactor should be raised from the bottom of the hole {{ 0}}-fixed at two meters.

2, pay attention to check the grease condition of the wind speed motor anytime, anywhere.

3. When the digging working surface seeps into the water, use a large-diameter drill bit to insert the drilling tool when drilling, so that the drilling tool is exposed to the river surface for 1 to 2 meters to avoid mortar and rock slag falling hole wall.

4 、 During drilling, it is not allowed to turn at noon to prevent the drill from falling into the hole wall.

5. Check the water vapor pipeline of the crawler rig, whether the anchor bolts and screw caps of each part are strong.