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What are the installation steps and requirements for engineering rigs?

  1. Assemble the base: Install the left and right front bases of the engineering drilling rig in place according to the scribing position on the frame, so that the wellbore identification plates of the left and right front bases need to be aligned with the centerline of the parallel holes.

  2. Assembling the turntable drive device: The matching assembly of the turntable drive device before production is correct. During the on-site assembly, we only need to check the turntable beam ear plate holes, the corresponding connection holes and connections of the base It is sufficient to clean the surface such as the pin. When it is determined that there are no unsafe elements, hoist the turntable drive device into the assembly position and insert 8 connecting pins. When inserting the pins, pay attention to expanding from the outer edge of the wellhead to the center of the wellhead, and use pins Lock the pin.

  3. Assembly engineering drilling rig winch: The winch has been aligned during the assembly before production, and a positioning block is welded at the corresponding position of the drilling rig base. When assembling on the spot, hoist the winch to the winch beam of the base, press the positioning block, and then fix the winch base and the rig base with the fixing bolt M 36 * 120.


  4. Assembly engineering drilling rig slide rail and BOP move position: The main assembly steps are in the instruction manual of the engineering drilling rig base.

  5. Assemble the derrick: Assemble according to the derrick instructions (note: the casing table and fast rope rowing device will be installed after the derrick is erected).

  6. Assemble the crown crane: we first lift the crown crane to the top of the derrick, so that the positioning pin at the top of the derrick is inserted into the positioning pin hole on the crown crane, and then use M 30 screw connection. Crane accessories, such as assist pulleys and truss cranes, should be fully assembled.

  7. Assemble the traveling car and hook, wear the engineering rope of the big rig, crane and traveling rig (the way of threading is along the way), and hang the tripod used for lifting.