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Crawler rig
Crawler rig
Crawler rig

The crawler rig has the advantages of strong climbing performance, stable and reliable drilling and driving, and large load-bearing quality. It is generally suitable for engineering geological exploration, geological core exploration, physical survey, Drilling of small and medium grouting holes, blast holes, water well holes and air conditioning holes.

Diamond crawler rig is one of the ideal mechanical equipments suitable for new markets. It can carry out static exploration work in harsh environments such as beaches, river dams, sand fields, rice fields, etc., and can still drive on frozen roads.


  1. The diamond crawler rig is equipped with a rubber crawler walking mechanism. The crawler gearbox is driven by the transfer case gear, and the climbing performance is strong, which makes the whole equipment loading and unloading and relocation very convenient. Therefore, the rig provides convenient construction in the city.

  2 To a great extent, ease the work intensity of workers and improve work efficiency.

  3 The lifting and lowering towers are hydraulically controlled, convenient and reliable.

  4, the integration of drilling rig, water pump, and tower makes it easier and faster to move, and can get on and off the car by itself. During the relocation, all items such as drill rods and drilling tools can be put on the crawler chassis and shipped out at once.

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