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Tunnel rig
Tunnel rig
Tunnel rig

The KD-150 drilling rig is a type with hydraulic feedNew tunnel rigdevice. The equipment is mainly used in the exploration of metal mines, non-metal mines, coal mines and the grouting, drainage and drilling of monitoring holes in the corridors of hydropower plants.

New tunnel rigs can be divided into two major categories, shaft-type and power-head rigs, according to their structural characteristics. The full hydraulic power head tunnel rig has the characteristics of strong versatility, high drilling efficiency, good safety and stability, etc. It is a key model of tunnel drilling at this stage and has been produced.

According to the fixing method, it can be divided into columns (single column, double column) type, pole type and seat frame type.

Because of the uniqueness of underground engineering construction, in addition to meeting the requirements of ordinary drilling technology, the new tunnel rig must also have the following two characteristics:

  1 The small size is good for installation and use. It is best to install and use it directly in the tunnel;

  2. In order to apply the technical regulations for pulling drill tools when drilling upholes, the drilling rig should be equipped with a structure for pulling drill rod strings.


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