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Operation and maintenance methods in the operation of geological core drilling rig

The geological core drilling rig has simple and compact structure, reasonable design, small size, convenient disassembly, and scientific and reasonable speed range. Therefore, it is widely used in our lives. Do you know the operation and maintenance methods of the equipment during operation? Next, I will introduce you.

  1. Geological core drilling rigs cannot be operated without supervision.

  2. When pulling the gearbox handle or the winch transfer handle, be sure to disconnect the clutch first and wait for the gear to stop running, to prevent damage to the gear, and pay attention to placing the handle in the positioning hole .

  3 When closing the gyrator, be sure to first open the clutch, wait for the small circular bevel gear to stop rotating, and clamp the box handle to start the vertical shaft.

  4. Before the geological core drilling rig starts drilling, it is necessary to lift the drilling tool off the bottom of the hole and then cover the clutch, and start drilling only after the operation is normal.

  5, when raising the drilling tool, pay attention to that you can first use the hoist to lift the upper drill rod away from the hole, and remove it from the lock joint that connects the special type variable thread joint and the lower drill rod, and then turn on the gyrator. Raise the drilling tool in the hole.


  6 When lifting drilling tools, be sure to prohibit the simultaneous holding of two holding brakes to prevent damage to the machinery and cause serious accidents.

  7. The operator of the hoist must not leave the brake handle to handle the rest of the work or adjust the brake when the drill is suspended to prevent the brake from loosening itself and causing an accident.

  8 During the operation of geological core drilling rigs, pay attention to check the temperature of the bearing position of each component, gearbox, and gyrator must not be overheated. The gearbox and slewing gear are allowed to work below 80 ℃ (temperature rise 40 ℃).

  9. During the operation of the geological core drilling rig, if it finds strong vibrations, screams, collisions and other abnormal sounds, it should be stopped immediately to check the cause.

  10 According to the requirements of the lubrication table, fill or replace lubricating oil and lubricating grease on time.