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What are the methods to avoid the geological core drilling rig drilling into the core core blockage?

When the geological core drilling rig is used for drilling and sampling engineering, it is necessary to use ropes for core drilling. In order to better improve labor productivity, it is necessary to avoid core clogging during the core pulling process. To a certain extent, it affects the engineering construction efficiency of geological core drilling rigs. In order to avoid the problem of core blockage when drilling into the core, we must choose different ways to deal with it. Next, I'll introduce you a few ways to avoid clogging in the core core.

  1 For example, when we adopt water-swelling, joint development and other easily clogged rock formations, geological core drilling rigs should use diamond drill bits with a relatively small inner diameter, so that they can be smoothly entered into the inner pipe for operation.

  2 In daily production, in order to ensure that the crushed core can quickly enter the inner tube, we must wipe some grease on the inner tube to facilitate its entry and exit.

  3 In addition, a special core drilling tool must also be designed, which can be drilled in the rock ore layer with single-action double-tube selection, so that it can be better produced, the most important thing is the geological core drilling machine It is not allowed to change the drilling tools at will, and the switch machine also needs our very stable operation to avoid accidents during the operation.

The above is the way to avoid core blockage when the geological core drilling rig is drilling into the core. We must carefully remember the above points and make good use of it, so that our products can exert greater product efficiency and ensure that we Benefits, increase the service life of the equipment. I hope the above introduction can be of some help to you. Thank you for reading and goodbye.