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What factors should be considered when purchasing a geological prospecting rig?

What factors do you pay attention to when purchasing geological prospecting rigs? We should consider technical issues when selecting. Next, I will explain the technical issues to be considered when choosing a model.

(1) Maintainability. During the service life of geological prospecting rigs, inspection, maintenance, repair and modification are the main contents of rig maintenance. Therefore, the maintenance of the rig should be comprehensively considered when selecting models, that is, the rig inspection, maintenance and repair are very convenient It is very simple and the exchangeability of accessories is very good, which will reduce the maintenance cost. Improve construction efficiency.

(2) compatibility. Each part of the drilling rig is relatively independent and self-contained, consistent with many working environments, various products and their spare parts, and has good compatibility with existing models. You can control costs and better adapt to market changes. After simple adjustments, you can achieve diverse production and construction requirements. When certain components can be used in common with common components on the market, priority should be given to the selection of geological prospecting rigs in order to reduce bottom costs.


(3) Reliability. This is one of the key factors for evaluating the technical performance parameters of the drilling rig, which is mainly determined by the technical parameters such as the working capacity, precision, strength and durability of the spare parts. According to the construction characteristics of the drilling rig, we usually adopt the "large horse-drawn cart" idea for the selection of drilling rigs to ensure the reliability of the application of geological prospecting drilling rigs under complicated working conditions.

(4) With the development of geological prospecting drilling rigs to large-scale and automation, the possibility of manual intervention and inspection of the drilling rigs has become smaller and smaller, so that the drilling rigs have a higher degree of maneuverability, which is also Consider the basic indicators of rig performance.

After reading this article, did you understand the technical issues that you should pay attention to when selecting a geological prospecting rig? We not only pay attention to technical issues when buying, but also need to pay attention to other aspects when selecting.