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What are the main points of geological prospecting rig disassembly?

After the drilling project is completed, we need to integrateGeological prospecting rigAfter the disassembly, the crew is moved to the new well site, and then drilling works are carried out again. During the disassembly of the drilling rig, water and power are cut off first, and then the connecting pipeline system is disassembled and the fastening bolts are loosened. Large and medium-sized machinery and equipment will be disassembled from the drilling platform after hoisting, and then transported to a new well site by a transportation vehicle.

In order to ensure the safety of the disassembly of geological prospecting drilling rigs, the method steps of dismantling are clarified to prevent the cross-work of each work type from affecting the safety of disassembly of the drilling rigs. Command the dismantling of the equipment in a unified way to prevent safety accidents. The selection and location of the crane are not allowed to stand under the boom. In the lifting work link, there must be full-time personnel command to ensure the safety of geological prospecting rig equipment lifting.

Pay attention to the dismantling of geological prospecting rigs. The dismantling of this equipment is also a key component of drilling engineering construction. After the drilling is completed, the disassembly involved is in accordance with the reverse method steps of equipment installation, and it is safely disassembled to ensure that it is installed again after disassembly, and the conditions for normal application can be achieved. Never allow the dismantling process to cause damage to the equipment and affect the normal application in the next stage.

After studying the operating procedures for installation and dismantling of geological prospecting drilling rigs, when drilling is completed, the drilling rigs are quickly disassembled to provide convenient conditions for the crew to move. In the pre-drilling preparation, select suitable equipment, install it, and achieve the product quality standards for engineering construction, ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and better serve oil drilling engineering construction.