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How to maintain the diamond crawler rig?

In our applicationDiamond crawler rigWhen you do n’t forget to maintain it, what parts should we maintain?

Before using the diamond crawler rig, it is necessary to check whether the crawler is working properly. Then the working environment of the drill rig is relatively harsh. The crawler is very prone to soil and sand. After the work is completed, it should be cleaned and cleaned accordingly. It also needs to lubricate the track chain on time.

Pay attention to check the lubricating oil condition of the wind motor at any time, and check the water and gas pipelines at any time. Whether the bolts and nuts of each accessory of the diamond crawler are strong. The drill head with a diameter is inserted into the drill rod to expose the drill rod to 1-2 meters above the water surface to prevent mud and rock slag from falling into the hole.


During the construction of diamond crawler rigs, care must be taken to reduce wear. Supporting sprockets, rollers, driving wheels and rail links are all components that are easy to wear, but there will be a very large difference depending on whether the daily inspection is carried out. Therefore, as long as it takes a little time for proper maintenance, the degree of wear can be controlled very well.

Diamond crawler drilling rigs are not allowed to reverse during drilling to prevent the drill rod from falling into the hole. When the drilling rig terminates its work in a short period of time, it is necessary to give a little pressure to prevent the sand from sinking into the drill impactor, such as long When the work of the drilling rig is terminated, the sound of the impactor and the operation status of the reduction gear box should be checked. If abnormal sounds and phenomena are found, the machine should be stopped immediately and checked in time.

The bolts and nuts of the diamond crawler drill should be carefully carefully. When the machine is working for a long time, the bolts and nuts will be loosened due to the vibration of the machine. In particular, the bolts and nuts on the lower walking body are very vulnerable. If the machine is continuously operated with the track shoe bolts loosened, the bolt and the track shoe will form a gap with each other, causing the track shoe to crack.