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Pay attention to two points when using the new type water well drilling rig

For large and medium-sized machinery and equipment, in the activities of special events, transportation, assembly, disassembly, and machine maintenance, all must have operating standards and regulations. The drilling rig is abnormal, so in order to avoid the abnormality of the new water well drilling rig, we must strictly implement the following two safety procedures.

First of all, we need to buy a new type of water well drilling rig suitable for ourselves. When we go, we must maintain a balance of gravity according to road conditions, truck parking lots, etc., and place warning signs on the construction site to prohibit random drilling. Each construction road backfill pit pool should be marked. In the transportation process, narrow roads and dangerous roads must be driven by retracting the mast and retracting the crawler track. For skewed roads or steep slopes, the lifting angle of the rig mast must be adjusted, left and right skewed, and the center of gravity of the rig should be adjusted by turning on the truck; At this time, the drill pipe can be used to guide the machine.

Secondly, the new type of water well drilling rig must be cooled before it is overhauled to prevent workers from being burned due to high temperature. At present, all the drilling rigs on the market are usually equipped with hydraulic systems. The hydraulic system of the drilling rig must be relieved of pressure before overhauling to prevent danger caused by the high pressure accumulated. When the main drum braking system of the drilling rig is replaced, it is forbidden to overhaul the main rolls ; Warmly remind you to pay attention to the mechanical rotation damage when the right-twist non-anti-rotation wire rope is connected with the extractor; when the new water well drilling rig's extractor fails to rotate and causes the live steel rope belt to turn around, it must pay attention to prevent work The person was crushed.

Finally, no matter what kind of failure occurs in the new water well drilling rig, the safety of the on-site staff must be determined. Secondly, the machinery and equipment should be checked. If it cannot be resolved independently, a professional master must handle it.