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Principles for selection of diamond crawler rig

(1) applicable in production

The purchased diamond crawler rig should meet the construction requirements of the project, and should be rationally configured according to the construction goals undertaken by the company under normal conditions, comprehensively considering the application field of the rig, not only to meet the current construction needs, but also to be compatible with the rest of the future production environment. The demand for diamond crawler rigs can only be better demonstrated by the production of versatile drill rigs.

(2) Technically advanced

While meeting the production needs, it is required that the technical indicators of the diamond crawler rig maintain a certain degree of advancement, which is beneficial to increase its technical service life, or it will be eliminated in the short term. In the long run, it meets the requirements of the company ’s sustainable development concept and is more reasonable Effective maintenance investment.

(3) operability and maintainability

It is easy to use, which is conducive to workers mastering the operation ability and reducing auxiliary operation time, such as site leveling, rig moving, drill frame lifting, drill pipe replacement, adjustment of gas and water valves, etc.

The diamond crawler rig has a simple and easy-to-repair structure, strong versatility of spare parts, and sufficient supply of goods, which can reduce the purchase price of spare parts, equipment operation and management costs. The drilling rig is difficult to maintain, and technical assistance and after-sales maintenance services are guaranteed. When the machinery is abnormal, the on-site maintenance workers can repair it in time, which can prevent delays in construction production due to waiting for technical assistance from the manufacturer.

(4) Safety and environmental protection features

At this stage, China attaches great importance to the safety and environmental protection of products. When buying new equipment, pay attention to whether the raw materials are manufactured, whether all types of safety devices are complete, construction noise, exhaust gas and waste emissions, and whether they meet the requirements of relevant regulations.

(5) Economically reasonable

It is required that the purchase price of diamond crawler rigs is appropriate, the energy consumption and maintenance costs are low in the application link, and the investment recovery period is short, which is beneficial to the company's capital operation.