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What are the common faults of engineering rigs? How to solve?

During the construction, if there is any failure of the engineering rig, it will not only affect the benefits and delay the construction progress, but the failure of the rig is unavoidable. We only reduce the probability of failure as much as possible. For some simple and not very professional faults, you can repair it yourself, which can improve the construction efficiency reasonably and effectively, and to achieve such a standard, you must master some common faults and maintenance methods of engineering rigs. Of course, if the problem is too professional, try not to do it yourself.

Common failures are generally stuck pipe, drill rod or drill bit is invalid, unable to evacuate chips, and its rig fatigue. And its processing method is as follows:

  1, stuck

During operation, some of the gravel, steel bars, casings, small components, etc., accidentally enter the well or penetrate into the drilling tool, which can cause stuck conditions. The treatment method is particularly simple, that is, cleaning.

  2, drill rod or drill bit is invalid

It should be due to the operation and co-traveling that the drill rod or drill bit is invalid and the engineering drilling machine cannot operate normally. The best way to deal with it is to replace it.

  3, unable to evacuate chips

There are some types of drilling rigs in engineering rigs that have a poor chip evacuation effect, so it is easy to cause chip evacuation jams. The treatment method is to unblock, but the best preventive effect is to increase the air volume.

  4, the rig is weak

There are many factors that cause the rig to be weak. If it is pneumatic, it may be that the air pressure is not enough, and there are many reasons for the lack of air pressure. Just check and repair.

Naturally, the common faults and treatment methods mentioned above in these engineering drilling rigs are not all faults and are for your reference only.

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