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Drilling machinery
Drilling machinery
Drilling machinery

During the geological survey operation, the main special type of drilling tools to drill solid geological material cores, cores, coal rocks, liquid samples, gas samples, etc. from the groundDrilling machinery, Referred to as drilling rig.

Use a drilling machine to drill holes of corresponding depth and diameter from the ground at a corresponding angle and along a corresponding trajectory, and take out the iconic core, core or coal rock of the stratum to ascertain the underground geological and mineral resources and their The purpose of exploring the mysteries of the earth. At this stage, the drilling depth of the mechanical equipment ranges from 2 meters to 15000 meters, which are divided into multiple grades. It can be used not only on land, but also on rivers, rivers, lakes, seas, and even on the moon. It plays a vital role in people's production and life activities.

In the process of drilling construction operations in geological engineering, geological drilling machinery usually has to work for about three months in succession. During this work cycle time, preventive maintenance must be carried out on such geological drilling machinery and equipment to prevent failure of mechanical equipment. To reduce the frequency of failures.


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