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Core drilling rig
Core drilling rig
Core drilling rig

XY-1A core drilling rig is a type of high-speed portable drilling rig with hydraulic feed. XY-1A (YJ) and XY-1A-4 drilling rigs were developed based on the XY-1A drilling rig.

The application scope of the geological core drilling rig:

  1. This drilling rig is mainly used for general survey and engineering geological exploration of solid deposits and other types of concrete engineering inspection holes.

  2 According to the different geological structures, drills such as diamond, alloy and steel grains can be used for drilling.

  3. When the final holes are 75 mm and 46 mm, the rated drilling depths are 100 m and 180 m, respectively. The maximum depth cannot exceed 110% of each drilling depth, and the maximum opening diameter is allowed to be 150 mm.

Features of the geological core drilling rig:

  1. It has a hydraulic feed structure to increase the drilling rate and ease the work intensity of workers.

  2. The drilling rig is equipped with an upper ball clamp structure and a hexagonal active drill rod, which can be taken without stopping the machine.

  3 The indication pressure of the pressure gauge installed at the bottom of the hole is helpful for grasping the condition in the hole.

  4, centralized handle, convenient operation.

  5. The geological core drilling rig is compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, strong in decomposability, easy to move, and suitable for operation in plain or mountainous areas.


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