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Prospecting rig
Prospecting rig
Prospecting rig

Geological prospecting rig refers to the exploration work of drilling various types of boreholes with different angles in a narrow underground tunnel with a special type of drilling rig. Compared with ground drilling, prospecting rigs are mostly multi-directional small-diameter shallow holes. We all know that ground exploration is limited by conditions such as the shape of the terrain ore body. Usually, the ore body can only be controlled through a very thick cover layer. However, the operation speed of the ore body by tunneling is slower and the cost is relatively high. The day is getting important.

In recent years, geological prospecting rigs have developed rapidly, and have been widely used in the service level for mine development and other engineering fields.

(1) In ore deposits and surveys, especially in non-ferrous metals and rare metals deposits and other deposits, the rig is used in recourse to deposits, encrypted ore surveys, geological structure selection, ore body sampling, and verification.

(2) Drilling rig technology is often used in mine development to drill underground observation holes, ventilation holes, drainage holes, gas discharge holes, grouting holes, blast holes, anchor holes, and pilot holes for excavation tunnels.

(3) In the other geotechnical engineering construction areas, the equipment and production technology of geological prospecting drilling rigs can be used in the reinforcement of the slope of the dam foundation for natural disaster management, deep foundation pit support, and its industrial, commercial, transportation, and military levels. Underground construction works.

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