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Geological exploration rig
Geological exploration rig
Geological exploration rig

With the rapid development of the new era, the demand for geological survey in society has also become larger and larger. People often use geological survey rigs to survey the places where they need to work.

Characteristics of geological survey drilling rig:

  1, with hydraulic feed structure, improve the efficiency of drilling work, ease the work intensity of workers;

  2. The drill is equipped with a ball-holding clamping structure and includes a hexagonal active drill rod, which can realize the rod down without stopping, with high work efficiency, safety and stability;

  3 Equipped with a pressure gauge at the bottom of the hole to indicate the pressure, which is helpful to grasp the condition in the hole;

  4 The unique structure of the whole machine and the novel design of the gearbox have the characteristics of light weight, small size, good disassembly, handling, low center of gravity and good stability.

In order to meet the requirements of customers, the geological survey drilling rig series can be installed on the rubber crawler walking mechanism, and the hydraulic take-off and landing rig can improve the work efficiency. Because the rubber crawler does not damage the road surface, it provides convenience for the construction of the rig in the city. The specific parameters are shown below: