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Geological drilling rig
Geological drilling rig
Geological drilling rig

Geological drilling rigIt is a new type of drilling machinery mainly used in core drilling. It is suitable for geological exploration, including coal field, oil and gas, metallurgical industry, mineral resources, geological environment, hydrology, nonferrous metals, nuclear industry drilling.

Notes on the application of geological drilling rigs:

1. Before assembling the new drilling machine, it is necessary to investigate the ground of the construction site for groundwater pipes and cables. The distance between the drilling site and the high-voltage overhead cable should not be less than 20 m.

Second, the leveling of the site makes the rig placement stable.

3. Before starting the machine, check that the lubricating grease in the gearbox and turntable should be appropriate, and that the assembly of each connecting part should be firm, safe and reliable. After confirming that there is no problem, you can start the machine.

4. The rotation speed of the turntable is selected according to the hardness of the formation. Under normal conditions, slow or medium speed should be used. When drilling 500 —— 700 mm, the drill rod holder should be replaced.

5. When lifting the drill, the operator of the drilling rig must work closely with the orifice to ensure the normal operation of the geological drilling rig. You can use high-speed recoil when lifting is difficult. However, when taking undisturbed soil samples, no backflushing is necessary, and it must be pulled out at a low speed. Each drilling depth does not exceed 500 mm.